Garth sipping on a donut at Stan Mikita’s Donuts in Wayne’s World



The Mug: “Stan Mikita’s Donuts” featuring a bust image of Chicago Blackhawk’s centre Stan Mikita. As shown in the 1992 movie Wayne’s World starring Mike Myers as Wayne Cambell and Dana Carvey as Garth Algar.




When You think of Wayne’s World you probably don’t think of donuts. But I do. Coffee and donuts. And it’s not just because of the Stan Mikita’s Donuts scene. Wayne’s World (released in 1992) is a comical glimpse into the 80’s head banger scene. And the 80’s was the height of donut fandom. It’s no wonder they put a donut shop into the movie. It just fits.

How serious was the donut craze in the 80’s? There’s was a donut shop on almost every street corner across the country. Everyday the television was saturated with donut commercials. I can still see the Dunkin Donut’s guy getting out of bed exclaiming “Time make the donuts.”

If you were up at 5 a.m. and flipped on the tube you’ld catch a man hawking “Lil Orbit’s” donut machine. Wherever you went there were people holding bags that read “Dunkin Donuts” or kids in front of retail stores selling Krispy Creme donuts for charity. Cops were eating donuts. Mechanics could be seen sipping on coffee and chomping down donuts early in the morning before the garage opened for business. It was the poor man’s cake.

Anyway… I had seen Wayne’s World several times over the years, but for some reason I didn’t remember the donut shop scene. I only learned of it when googling movie coffee mugs for this new fancy blog of mine. And then I became curious as to whether or not “Stan Mikita’s Donuts” actually existed. So I did a little research.

Q: Does Stan Mikita’s Donuts exist? 


In the movie Stan Mikita’s Donuts is located in Aurora, Illinois. Google time! A quick googling gave me a Facebook link that showed several people has checked into the fictional donut shop, and the address shown was in fact Aurora, Illionois. One person even posted pictures dated 2015. Oddly though the people in the pictures looked like they were from the late 80’s early 90’s. Which made me wonder if the pics were real of if the people of Aurora were stuck in a time warp.

Another link showed a website for Stan Makita’s Donuts. It seemed legit. Complete with a menu, about us page, and even had the address. Upon further inspection though it turns out that it was only a fake site made by a web designer.


I was getting nowhere fast, so I decided to kick it up a notch. Google Maps time! In the movie the donut eatery is located in Aurora Illionois. Not enough info. Luckily the fake website provided a more detailed address. 1200 N. Lake St. Aurora, Illinois. Copy-Paste and wallah. I was there. Only one problem. There was no donut shop at that location. Rather a Taco Bell is located there.

It looked as if the case was closed. Clearly there was no Stan Mikita’s Donuts in Aurora Illionois. But then suddenly the bulb went off in my head. Duh! When are movies ever filmed in their real locations?  And off a searching I went again.

My first link took me to a blog (itsfilmedhere.com) that claims the location spot was at 1220 N. La Brea Avenue, Inglewood.

the Crab Pit- Inglewood location of Stan Mikita’s Donuts in Wayne’s World?

But as you can see from the picture I have conviently placed here, that is no donut shop. It is a local restaurant called the “Crab Pit” (selling turkey tacos).

The next link brought me to LAWeekly.com Surely this legitimate looking site would have the answer. It too also gave the same address. 1220 N. La Brea, Inglewood. But the picture shown was a bit different.

Puerto Nuevo coffee and tacos – Maybe this is the spot where the infamous Stan Mikita’s Donuts scene in Wayne’s World was filmed?

Puerto Nuevo’s coffee and Tacos? Huh? I’m not sure how two different restaurants could be in one place at the same time. Possible explanations: One of the sites got the wrong address or one of these pictures is older than the other.

So where does that leave me. With the realization that there seems to be a taco theme going on here. The location of movie address lead me to a Taco Bell. The actual filming location lead me to the Crab Pit, which had a sale on Turkey Tacos. Except that according to “LA Weekly” the location was a Puerto Nuevo’s coffee and tacos. Strange. Very strange indeed.

Did no one know the answer? I found a few more websites that claimed to know the location of the elusive donut shop. One claimed that shortly after the movie came out a few stores under the same name opened up across the country in honor of the movie. But searching for the locations listed gave me nothing. Another bust.

A: It seems no one knows for sure if Stan Mikita’s Donuts really exists or not. Many have claimed it does exist. But their evidence proves otherwise. Thus I’m going to have to conclude that no, it does not exist.

Oh well. At least Stan Mikita was a real person. But I’ll let you look that up for yourself. I’m off to eat a donut now. Dunkin Donuts of course. Later.